Friday, August 20, 2010

Feetie Pajamas!

Both my kids love feetie pajamas. Bee, at close to 7 years old, barely fits into his size 5 jammies. He stretches out the feet, and shoves himself in there, especially when he sees his sister in hers.

He told me yesterday he wants to get a haircut!
We'll see if he still wants to in a few days.

This picture makes me want to have 1000 babies.
Oh wait. I always want to have 1000 babies.

He said, "Let me kiss your cheek." and he did.
Then he gave it a love chomp, like he sees me do all the time.


1 comment:

Ms. Moon said...

Sweeties in feeties. I'd chomp 'em too if I could. And you're the kind of mama who SHOULD have a thousand babies.