Friday, August 13, 2010

Pie Night

I am not a person who enjoys cooking every day. I do like to bake treats and cakes, but the day-in day-out cooking wears on me. In my ideal world, I would cook 2 big, wonderful meals a week. Yeah, not happening. But yesterday I felt inspired, and we had pie night.

There were pizza pies.

Mmmm, broccoli

There were dessert pies.

One sugar cream, and one coconut cream

I'm pretty proud of that edge. (Pie is not my strong suit.)

There were cutie pies.

Where's my pie?

The best part about cooking a lot of pies is the leftovers. I can't wait for lunch!



Drama Queen said...

OMG, those look delicious! I bow in your glory of all things pie....!

I was going to make a peach cobbler this weekend and was feeling pretty proud of myself, but I am now humbled. :)

Erin said...

WOW!!!! Easy as pie!!!

Ms. Moon said...

Precious pies.

Jamie said...

Looks wonderful!! I like your thinking about 2 good meals a week! ha ha By the way, nice crust. Those are beautiful pies including your two "cutie pies!" Have a wonderful weekend.

Carol said...

Even as much as I like pizza and sweets, I think I like your cutie pies the best! :-)