Monday, August 2, 2010

A Time For Us

We did a date night babysitting swap with some friends. Last weekend we watched their daughter, and Saturday night they watched our kids.

Before we left

He is so cute. We felt giddy in the car, with the freedom not to censor
our conversation because of young ears.

The empty car seats in the back were kind of odd.

I love movie cuddle time!
(We have very different skin colors, it seems.)

Dessert! At the restaurant, the host told us there would be a 15 minute wait,
and wondered if that was okay. Waiting for 15 minutes is easy when all you
have to do is wait, rather than also entertaining young children.

I had so much fun. I love him. It's as simple and as huge and as wonderful as that.



Ms. Moon said...

See? You should do this more often. It's a time to cherish the love you have.

Joany said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your date! Looks like fun!

Jamie said...

How wonderful!!!! Dessert looks yummy, I would wait almost any amount of time for that!