Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something Else New

Something else is new in our household!

Well, it's used, but certainly new to me. My 21 year old Toyota was acting up and needs major repairs. So my husband bought this van, and is planning to fix up the Toyota.

I have always wanted a minivan. I know some people don't like them, but I love this vehicle.

I can fit 7 people inside!
It is not rusty!
It has air conditioning!
The speakers work!
I'm thrilled!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

This Year's Pumpkining

We went to the orchard, which is one of my favorite places of all, especially when the weather is this good.

Thank goodness my husband was along to snap great shots like this one!

He always has such a hard time choosing a pumpkin. He was
having extra trouble deciding this year, so we got
both of the big pumpkins above. I got to carve one!

She found this one, and immediately knew it was hers.

She's extremely satisfied with it.

There is a playground, and slides are still her favorite.

He likes them too.

The orchard we visit has an awesome food stand. We decided to buy a bunch of stuff and share it. Not pictured are the delicious apple cider slushies.

How much would you guess this cost? $12! For all of it!

Next we went apple picking. Which quickly devolved into throwing rotten apples against tree trunks and watching them explode, but things started out very nicely.

He got a kick out of the picker stick thingy.

Okay, so here's where we started throwing rotten apples.
She had just smashed one against a tree. This is her, "I did it!" pose.

We went to the pond. Perfection. Photo by my husband, of course.

There were just a few raspberries left on the bushes, so I
picked a handful for the kids.

This fall has felt so rich to me, so very luscious. We have done a lot of fun things, little day trips and outings, and it is all filling up my well. I'm breathing it in and swallowing it down and eating it up. I wish I could keep this time here forever, but of course I cannot, and so I will allow it to go on. But I will try to keep it inside myself, and when I am very still and close my eyes I can feel it all around me.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Waiting For Dinner

Whenever I go into the kitchen to start cooking dinner, this little sprite runs to her chair and sits and waits. Sometimes she'll get bored and leave to go play. Sometimes she'll sit there for 20 minutes waiting for the pasta to boil.

She doesn't seem to mind waiting.

It's really quite pleasant, actually.

Ah yes, waiting at the table. She's hoping for broccoli.

"Where is my dinner, mama?"


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Party

I love having birthday parties for my kids. I love it. I have so much fun making the cakes and invitations, and getting everything ready. Making cakes is my only crafty hobby.

It has become a tradition to have a bright tablecloth on our dining table, with the cakes displayed there. Like so:

Yep, he wanted a Star Wars theme this year. I prefer to decorate using buttercream icing because I think it's more fun and it tastes better. But I didn't know how to make Darth Vader's helmet out of buttercream. Turns out, I didn't really know how to make it with fondant either!

Yeah, it didn't turn out how I wanted, but I still think it's pretty good.
I had fun carving the cake to shape and I really like his mouth/nose piece.
This cake was chocolate.

I made the Death Star out of white cake with buttercream icing.

It was his idea to have the cupcakes fighting each other with light sabers.

Here he is thinking about his wish. I showed him this picture,
and he said, "I pretty much wish the same thing every time
because it's so important." I want to know the wish! Whose idea was it
to tell kids that wishes won't come true if they tell?


Friday, October 1, 2010

He is Seven

Today my little guy turned seven years old. Seven sounds so much bigger than six, to me.

He used to be tiny.

Click here for the story of his birth.

But oh, he is a magnificent seven!

He's the kind of seven who makes me hearts using wire and a hammer and a zip tie.

Perfect gift for a mama? Yes.

He is brave and getting braver by the minute. He rides horses!

Now that's brave.

He loves Star Wars and sword fights and carpet farming. He loves pizza and camping and books.

Here we were minutes before we met our little guy.

We had no idea the treasure that he would be.

I am so proud of this kid. This funny, loving, genuine, special kid.

Happy birthday, kiddo!