Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Party

I love having birthday parties for my kids. I love it. I have so much fun making the cakes and invitations, and getting everything ready. Making cakes is my only crafty hobby.

It has become a tradition to have a bright tablecloth on our dining table, with the cakes displayed there. Like so:

Yep, he wanted a Star Wars theme this year. I prefer to decorate using buttercream icing because I think it's more fun and it tastes better. But I didn't know how to make Darth Vader's helmet out of buttercream. Turns out, I didn't really know how to make it with fondant either!

Yeah, it didn't turn out how I wanted, but I still think it's pretty good.
I had fun carving the cake to shape and I really like his mouth/nose piece.
This cake was chocolate.

I made the Death Star out of white cake with buttercream icing.

It was his idea to have the cupcakes fighting each other with light sabers.

Here he is thinking about his wish. I showed him this picture,
and he said, "I pretty much wish the same thing every time
because it's so important." I want to know the wish! Whose idea was it
to tell kids that wishes won't come true if they tell?



Joany said...

Looks like a wonderful party that he'll always remember! I want to know his wish too!

erin said...

Oh my gosh in heaven you make my parties look like crud!

Wonderful Job Lora!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great, as always! Looks like he had a fun one, too!

Erin said...

I think the Helmet was great! Of course, we're always harder on ourselves than others are! It was fun! And what is that wish????

Myssie said...

Lora, you always amaze me with your cake decorating abilities!! The cake looks awesome!! And sweet little Bee making his wish...God love him!!

Where have these last 7 years gone? They can't really be 7?? No more birthday for here on out!! LOL I started crying when we sang Happy Birthday to Caroline this year. And she gave me a funny look and said "I'm only turning 7 Mom!" which made me cry harder!! I just can't believe that they are 7!!