Monday, January 3, 2011


She asked if she could put on my lipstick, and I said yes.

It sure did make her happy!

I have always enjoyed putting on makeup, and so it's fun to watch her enjoy it too. She has some new chapstick that sees a lot of her lips. She carries it in an old purse of mine.

The way that my children want to be like me is almost too much to comprehend. It's also a little scary. I mean, hopefully she won't desire to become a completely useless sobbing mess when lost or get frustrated way too easily by minor things, or any of my other many faults.

But let's keep the focus on the positive! I love the way she'll be in the bath, with her hair wet and streaming down her back and she'll wiggle her head to feel it on her skin. She'll say, "My hair is long like yours mama." Sometimes she says, "I want to be like you." That means I am to put her shirt on her head so she can pretend it's long hair. Like this:


She is very tender and gentle with her baby dolls, and I hear her telling them things that I have told her. Although sometimes she tells them, "I can't play right now because I am on the phone." But really, much more frequently she says things like, "It's okay baby, mama's here with you. I will hold you."

I suppose that's why I let her put on my lipstick. It's a compliment of the highest order that she asked, and it made me feel like a queen.



Ms. Moon said...

You ARE a queen and your daughter's Clara Bow lips make me want to kiss her and get lipstick all over my face.

Erin said...

I love her adorable little self in the red lips!!!

Karen said...

Oh Lora! That first picture is so adorable. I so remember being a child and wearing my shirt on my head. . . . alternatively pretending I had long hair and pretending I was a nun (thank you Catholic childhood).