Wednesday, February 23, 2011


"Mama, can you make me a side-to-side ponyhair?"


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Restful Tuesday

I visited my niece and sister again yesterday, and my mom was also there which nice because she's still recovering and I wanted to see her as well. I had to put on a gown and gloves to enter her hospital room, which lent some gravity to the situation, and it didn't really need more gravity. It was plenty heavy enough. My niece is doing so much better now though, and I just heard that she was moved to a regular room, out of the ICU! My sis thinks she'll be in the hospital for another several days, but steady progress is a blessing. The best part, to me, is that my sister crawls up into the crib to sleep with her baby. I love that.

We are home today, and will only venture out for taekwondo later this afternoon. It feels good to have some time here. I'm reading James and the Giant Peach to the kids, and it's a good rainy day for it. I don't mind the rain. We had some sunny, warm days last weekend, and while it whet my appetite for the coming spring, it reminded me to savor the last few weeks of hot mugs of tea and the light from our fireplace.

I'll leave you with some pictures taken in the aforementioned sunshine. Long-haired, tool-loving, sweet-hearted boy who makes himself known to me in measures more each day.


Friday, February 18, 2011

I'll Carry You

She said, "My legs are broken! I can't get upstairs!"

He said, "I'll carry you."



Thursday, February 17, 2011

She Draws People!

My girl has started drawing people. Her renderings are so sweet, I can't even describe them so I will show you.

Here is a picture she drew of the two of us. She was happy about it, until she realized she had drawn 3 arms on the drawing of herself.

Then she said, "I know! I know what to do!" and she set to work on fixing it.

She was very happy with her many-armed self portrait.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Few Things Around My House That I Love

We all fill our homes with things that we love, things that have meaning. Here are a few of mine, from the downstairs.

I love this shamrock plant. My mom gave me a start from her
plant, and mine is still doing well 11 years later. It lives on top of the microwave.

This photo is about 3 feet long. It's from a family reunion on my
husband's side, taken in 1924. My husband made the frame from
one solid piece of wood. It hangs above the piano, and I love looking
at the clothes and children and facial expressions.

This is our couch. Sofa. Davenport. Divan. Whatever you call it,
I like it. We bought it during the first year of our marriage. I love
that we were so adventurous and didn't choose a plain couch. I still
love this one, and when it falls apart we will have it rebuilt. I do love
that it reminds me of the very early days of our marriage.

This is a picture of my son when he was 5 months old. I remember the
moment I took the photo. The things on the shelf are meaningful to me too.
My mother-in-law gave me the colorful flower arrangement.
The plant is Bee's, he had a fervent desire to own that plant, and so
I bought it. The mushroom used to be in my grandma's knick-knack cabinet,
and I always loved it as a kid. My mom brought me the painted egg
from Haiti.

Our refrigerator. I love a crowded, interesting fridge.
I keep newborn photos of each of my kids on the
top left. Their drawings are the best thing to look at
throughout my day.

This is the top shelf of my bookshelf. Yeah, it's dusty. It's not so much
the books, but the things in front of them that I love. The photo is my husband
and me when we were 16 years old. The little blue box holds coins from our
travels out of the country. The white flowery box is from Tiffany when we went
to New York, and just wanted to buy something there. That is my son's Eiffel Tower,
which he cherishes. The black thing is the telegraph machine that my husband's
grandfather used in World War II.

So there you have it, a mini home tour of some things I love!


Monday, February 14, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 33.

Here is what 33 looks like:

The other evening, after a very busy day and after the kids were in bed, my husband called for me to come downstairs. He had set up a his photography equipment and wanted to practice with his new stuff. I am terribly awkward in front of a camera, so even though I was exhausted and embarrassed, I let him take pictures of me. Over 100 of them. Only 4 were any good! Ha! Because when I get in front of a camera my cheeks quiver and my eyes glass over. In the above photo I was trying to cross my eyes. Uh, that didn't work but I liked the picture well enough. So I think the key to photographing me is to seriously distract me.


My birthday was really nice. Lots of family time. I got some great gifts. The kids got me a new nail polish. My mom and dad gave me money, and I hope to use it to buy a japanese maple tree to plant by my front porch.

Also, I bought my first wrinkle reducing product! It's an Oil of Olay facewash, and it makes my face feel sort of numb. Is that bad?


Friday, February 11, 2011

Books That Make Me Shake

I love to read.

I love immersing myself in characters and situations and stories.

There are three books that have caused me to shake. Granted, I have a fairly weak constitution and anticipation affects me this way on a regular basis, but books don't usually give me the shakes. And trust me, it's a good thing to get these kind of shakes. It's a sign I'm totally inside the book.

Here are my three:

1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I think I've mentioned this book series before on here. But seriously, wow. The first book had me quaking and it just really affected me emotionally as well as physically.

2. Every Last One by Anna Quindlen. Dear God. that's all I can say about this book. I recommend reading the book without reading what it's about, because that's how I read it, and it just shook me to my core--literally.

3. Room by Emma Donoghue. Intense. Very, very intense.

So now tell me yours. What books completely captured your mind and made you shake and cry and that you will never forget?


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sunday morning at 5:00 the phone rang. We didn't wake up until the last ring. But then it immediately started ringing again. I made my husband go get it, because we don't keep a phone in the bedroom.

I lie there, half awake, until I realized that he was perfectly silent, listening to whoever was talking on the phone. Then my whole body buzzed awake, and my mind started racing. What was the phone call about? I thought about all of our parents, I thought about my loved ones who were currently sick. But I couldn't get out of bed. My legs felt like they weighed 100 pounds each. Finally, he hung up the phone and came back to bed, and told me what was happening.

It was my mom.

She had bleeding in her brain. She'd been sent from one hospital to another via ambulance.

My mom.

I bolted upright, my arms and legs got really hot and tingly, and I thought I might throw up.

First thing to do--call my sister. I always call her first when something like this happens.

Then a quick shower, wake the kids, pack an overnight bag, get in the car, try to breathe during the nearly 2 hour drive there. Don't cry don't cry don't cry. Okay, cry a little bit after the kids have fallen asleep in the darkness of the morning.

Park the car, try everything I can to get the kids to just walk faster. At the desk they told us that she was still in the ER.

Walk about a million miles to the ER, find her room, push the door open.

There she was, on the bed, with her eyes open. Awake. Talking.


As soon as I got there and saw her, I immediately felt better. I could hug her and tell her I love her and there was hope.

Over the course of the next two days she had many tests and much pain, but they were able to rule out the worst possible scenarios. I don't want to post her private medical details, but the outcome is so good, compared to what it could have been. She will stay in the ICU for probably another week while she reabsorbs the blood in her brain. She is going to be okay. It's not likely to happen again. She will heal.

I'm feeling so thankful.

There is an ice storm here. The trees are sparkling and beautiful, the windows look like stained glass or maybe more like shower doors. So I can't go visit mom today. It's okay though, because I think my kids could use a day off from the driving and waiting and being quiet.

I just want to say that I LOVE my mama, and I'm feeling very grateful to have her.