Monday, February 14, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 33.

Here is what 33 looks like:

The other evening, after a very busy day and after the kids were in bed, my husband called for me to come downstairs. He had set up a his photography equipment and wanted to practice with his new stuff. I am terribly awkward in front of a camera, so even though I was exhausted and embarrassed, I let him take pictures of me. Over 100 of them. Only 4 were any good! Ha! Because when I get in front of a camera my cheeks quiver and my eyes glass over. In the above photo I was trying to cross my eyes. Uh, that didn't work but I liked the picture well enough. So I think the key to photographing me is to seriously distract me.


My birthday was really nice. Lots of family time. I got some great gifts. The kids got me a new nail polish. My mom and dad gave me money, and I hope to use it to buy a japanese maple tree to plant by my front porch.

Also, I bought my first wrinkle reducing product! It's an Oil of Olay facewash, and it makes my face feel sort of numb. Is that bad?



Anonymous said...

Is there not a cake photo?

Lora said...

There was a cake! My dad bought it and gave it to me, and we didn't take a picture. It wasn't one of my creations, and it was very delicious. My daughter's birthday is coming up in April, I'll have cake photos then.

Corinne said...

You are gorgeous :)
Happy Birthday!!

Lora said...

Thanks Corinne!

Erin said...

pretty even with no makeup! How do you do it???

Ms. Moon said...

I am so sorry to be late in wishing you happy birthday but here I am, belated and also elated to know such a beautiful woman.

Joany said...

33 is gorgeous!
I'm not sure your face should be feeling numb. The offer still stands for that Mary Kay facial. :)