Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Few Things Around My House That I Love

We all fill our homes with things that we love, things that have meaning. Here are a few of mine, from the downstairs.

I love this shamrock plant. My mom gave me a start from her
plant, and mine is still doing well 11 years later. It lives on top of the microwave.

This photo is about 3 feet long. It's from a family reunion on my
husband's side, taken in 1924. My husband made the frame from
one solid piece of wood. It hangs above the piano, and I love looking
at the clothes and children and facial expressions.

This is our couch. Sofa. Davenport. Divan. Whatever you call it,
I like it. We bought it during the first year of our marriage. I love
that we were so adventurous and didn't choose a plain couch. I still
love this one, and when it falls apart we will have it rebuilt. I do love
that it reminds me of the very early days of our marriage.

This is a picture of my son when he was 5 months old. I remember the
moment I took the photo. The things on the shelf are meaningful to me too.
My mother-in-law gave me the colorful flower arrangement.
The plant is Bee's, he had a fervent desire to own that plant, and so
I bought it. The mushroom used to be in my grandma's knick-knack cabinet,
and I always loved it as a kid. My mom brought me the painted egg
from Haiti.

Our refrigerator. I love a crowded, interesting fridge.
I keep newborn photos of each of my kids on the
top left. Their drawings are the best thing to look at
throughout my day.

This is the top shelf of my bookshelf. Yeah, it's dusty. It's not so much
the books, but the things in front of them that I love. The photo is my husband
and me when we were 16 years old. The little blue box holds coins from our
travels out of the country. The white flowery box is from Tiffany when we went
to New York, and just wanted to buy something there. That is my son's Eiffel Tower,
which he cherishes. The black thing is the telegraph machine that my husband's
grandfather used in World War II.

So there you have it, a mini home tour of some things I love!



Joany said...

Thanks for the tour!

Ms. Moon said...

The bouquet of life that you live in.

Anonymous said...

I liked the telegraph machine