Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Restful Tuesday

I visited my niece and sister again yesterday, and my mom was also there which nice because she's still recovering and I wanted to see her as well. I had to put on a gown and gloves to enter her hospital room, which lent some gravity to the situation, and it didn't really need more gravity. It was plenty heavy enough. My niece is doing so much better now though, and I just heard that she was moved to a regular room, out of the ICU! My sis thinks she'll be in the hospital for another several days, but steady progress is a blessing. The best part, to me, is that my sister crawls up into the crib to sleep with her baby. I love that.

We are home today, and will only venture out for taekwondo later this afternoon. It feels good to have some time here. I'm reading James and the Giant Peach to the kids, and it's a good rainy day for it. I don't mind the rain. We had some sunny, warm days last weekend, and while it whet my appetite for the coming spring, it reminded me to savor the last few weeks of hot mugs of tea and the light from our fireplace.

I'll leave you with some pictures taken in the aforementioned sunshine. Long-haired, tool-loving, sweet-hearted boy who makes himself known to me in measures more each day.


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Ms. Moon said...

I am so glad to hear that your niece and your mother are healing. Good news!
And that boy of yours- oh. I just love him.