Monday, March 28, 2011


Last night as I tucked my son in bed, I smooched him and sniffed his hair. I told him he smells like a corn field at harvest, which I tell him all the time because it's true. He said, "You just like it because I smell like home."

He really does smell like home to me. I grew up on a farm, surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans. I know that smell of harvest like it's my childhood in a bottle. I don't know why his hair smells like that, but it does and always has.

My daughter smells like baby kittens. I don't know if it's the milky smell of a nursing toddler or just her natural scent, but I sure hope it doesn't disappear when she weans. Because baby kittens also feature prominently in my childhood and the smell of them brings me a huge amount of joy and peace.

I wonder what my husband thinks the kids smell like. Maybe to him they smell like something different, but something that calls him back to childhood too. It could be the magic of children, to smell like home, no matter their scent.

All I know is that now when I go visit at harvest, and when I hold the baby kittens on the farm in spring, I will be thinking of my children.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wear A Tie To Church

We visited a new church today, to watch a friend sing in the choir.  I asked the kiddos to put on some nice clothes.

They emerged from their room like this:

I love this pair of people.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cat Watching

Pine rested and napped on our back deck rail for several hours one afternoon.

The crocodile and the bumblebee watched him.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Last fall, we noticed a black and white kitten in our front yard. He was friendly, though a little too skittish for us to pick him up. He came back several times and sat on our porch, letting us pet him and turning up his nose at any food we offered him. Even pot roast.

We didn't see the cat all winter long, until last week when the weather got a little warmer. He came back, and has spent whole days hanging out with us.

He chased sticks and pine branches that the kids dangled in front of his paws.

He ate food we offered.

When we played frisbee and missed the catch, he would run to where the frisbee landed and pounce on it.

We brought balls out and rolled them across the grass for him to chase.

We sat outside and watched him chase leaves.

After a few days of this, he let us hold him. He wandered into the house, which we cannot allow anymore because my husband is allergic.

The kids call him Pine.

We found the place where he has been getting under the porch. I think he sleeps there.

It's been a cold, rainy mess this week, and we haven't seen him. But I think he's just hiding out under the porch, or in the neighborhood and I hope he will come back.

It's wonderful having a cat in my life again. Especially this one, because he can't puke on the fringe of my rug as our last cat was wont to do.