Monday, April 4, 2011


Yesterday I spent 8 hours working in the yard. I went to the greenhouse and bought pansies, marigolds, lamb's ear, some other plant I can't remember the name of, and a japanese maple tree.

Meet Mabel the Maple

You can see that I also trimmed bushes and spread mulch. 2 truckloads of mulch. It was a lot, but I had help.

The Help

Seriously, this boy helped me nearly every minute I was working. He shoveled and dug and hauled and kept me company. That was the best part, the company. He said his back is sore today too. I believe it: we went to his friend's house this morning, and he sat in a chair nearly the whole time, too sore to get up and play.

My girl helped too, but mostly she spent the day with Dada, or napping. She did get a little garden trowel and shoveled the mulch with us.

Gardening isn't generally my thing. I find myself wanting to just hurry up and get it done. I hate weeding.  But I love the way the yard looks now. Worth it.



Crazy Sister said...

I like the smell the best. Dirt, clippings, mulch... ahhhhh.

Joany said...

You do great work! Lamb's ear is one of my favorites.
I love having sore muscles too... John thinks that's weird.