Monday, May 23, 2011

Differently Similar

My son, bless his sweet heart, is not capable of being rushed. You cannot prod him into action. Directives go into his ears and take a nice long nap before rising to meet the challenge. He is a guy who takes his time. Even if we're going somewhere completely awesome, like the zoo, he will spend 20 minutes finding his shoes. Another 20 to put them on.

To be honest it's one reason we homeschool. Getting him out the door and ready for kindergarten was tricky every day. He would be awake 2 hours before we had to leave, and still it felt like we were rushing. Nowadays we have a very relaxed schedule. Really the only place we have to be at a specific time is taekwondo. I give him half an hour to put on his uniform.


My daugher, bless her sweet heart, is ready to go. In kind of an extreme way. If I tell her in the morning that we have to get ready because we're going to the store, she runs down and puts on her shoes in 15 seconds flat, then stands by the door hollering that she's ready to go. Ready. To. Go. Never mind that I still have to shower, no one has eaten breakfast, and she's still in pajamas. (Not that she'd mind being in pajamas.) She's the one sitting in the car for 15 minutes while everyone else is still getting shoes on and making sure they remembered the camera and the water bottles and the library books that are overdue.

For her, I don't mention any plans until the very last minute. I will spend as long as I need helping her brother get ready, whispering in his ear so she won't hear, "We're going to the zoo! Put some clothes on. Remember, the zoo? Are you moving yet?" Then I will try to engage her in an activity so she won't know we're getting ready to leave the house.  Because as soon as she knows, that is the moment we must leave.


I love these children. They are wonderfully different from each other. They are also similar in many ways. It doesn't matter if I'm trying to get one kid moving or trying to slow the other down, they are both perfectly, absolutely who they are meant to be.



Ms. Moon said...

And that knowledge of yours will save a lot of grief over the years from all parties involved.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!