Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Because I see my children every day, their growth seems fairly gradual. But sometimes I look at them and am absolutely gobsmacked at how big they are.

Recently I was looking through the newest batch of pictures from the memory card, and was shocked by two images. They aren't technically the best photos, but I love what they capture.

There is this one, of my girl sitting at the dinner table:

Look at her arm! Tiny but so slim, like a kid's arm, not a toddler's arm. Her neck! Her ponytail! Her posture! She looks 6 years old to me in this photo.

Then there's this one, of my son in the kitchen. His sister actually took it when she was playing with the camera.

Look how tall he is compared to the counter! I am aware that he can reach the faucet to get his own glass of water, and I remember the day I could first see his head poking out above the island. But this picture, from this lower perspective just makes him seem very tall.



Ms. Moon said...

I always said (and still do) "Who came and took my babies and replaced them with these big kids?" It sort of made me feel guilty to say that but it's exactly how I felt.

Erin said...

Wow!!! Isn't it so amazing how fast time goes???