Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Newborn Kittens!!!

Walter spent two nights with my mom, and just returned home today. It was a nice break but it's wonderful to have him back! Right now both kids are in bed and my husband is downstairs making an extension cord (I know, weird right?) and all I can think about are the teeny baby kittens my sister has.

We visited her after we dropped Walter off, and I was so thrilled to see those 6 day old treasures.


We always had a lot of cats around us growing up on the farm: literally dozens of cats. We loved it when a formerly round-bellied cat showed up one day with a flaccid belly. That meant we could spend a couple hours searching the hayloft and barns until we found the litter of little squeakers. It was so exciting to count them and see their colors.

We didn't have to search for this bunch, they were born in a box in my sister's home. But it was still really exciting to see them. It was Sylvia's first experience with newborn kittens.

I couldn't have counted how many times she said, 'Aaaaaaaw!"

It reminded me so much of the time Walter first encountered newborn kittens, so I want to share some pictures from that day too. It was 2007.

I like to watch dogs and be near dogs, but I am through and through a cat person. When I was pregnant I would dream almost nightly that I birthed my baby and it was a cat. Dream-Me was thrilled. I would love to get another cat, but my husband is allergic. Maybe someday we will get a Russian Blue.



Anonymous said...

Very cute, the kittens, Bee and Goose

Erin said...

he he I love those kittens! And bees kittens pictures were from my house too???? Why don't I remember every single one of these kittens?

Ms. Moon said...

The cuteness...my heart is melted from it.