Friday, June 3, 2011

Eighth One Gone

He has never liked losing teeth. He's the type to let the loose tooth hang by a thread and still never pull it out. He protects them, only eating applesauce and smoothies. For the seven teeth he lost prior to this week, he let them fall out on their own. But then one of his friends told him that if he pulled the tooth out himself, the tooth fairy would give him way more money.

Behold, his new attitude regarding tooth loss:




Ms. Moon said...

Oh. To finally hear the voice and see the face as he speaks....
What a beautiful soul. Those eyes! Oh honey. Love him, I do.

Lora said...

He is TOO CUTE!!!! He looks so absolutely impressed with himself.

Natalie said...

How old was Bee when he lost his first tooth? Hannah has her first one loose and she's still 1 month shy of 5 yrs old. Isn't that a little early? I guess she did cut that first tooth at 4 months old, but still, I just feel like this is way to be early to be loosing her baby teeth.

Lora said...

He was 5. I think that 5 or 6 is the typical age. He lost the first two, then it was a while before he lost more. Also, it was loose for a couple months before it fell out. Sure does make them seem grown up!