Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Down Time

It is wonderfully hot here, high 90s. We are spending hours in our pool.

One day a gray tree frog joined us. He was too jumpy to catch.

But he let us pet him.

We've baked some things. It's really nice to make something special
and not have to take it to a pitch-in. I do love pitch-ins, but I realized
I rarely make this kind of thing to have at home.

Playtime in the front yard, when it's not too hot. (This was not the same day, Goose
wore that dress for about a week.) They made a small dirt patch, then
peeled the seedy things off a certain kind of weed and filled it up.

Time out for a hug.

This is a funny story. I found a wolf spider in our kitchen. I grabbed a towel to dry
my hands, and it jumped out and I really, truly overreacted. My son ran down to see
what was up, and when I told him it was a wolf spider, he ran out into the yard
and said he was moving out. I checked on him after I got rid of the spider. (A
euphemism, I actually killed it.) Anyway, he was on this stack of tires.
He asked me to take the picture, as he re-enacted his scared face.



Joany said...

I would move out with him.

And I love that dress! I can see why she wanted to wear it for a week.

Ms. Moon said...

No where safer than sitting on a stack of tires!