Thursday, August 4, 2011

Super Duper Day of Fun!

I had the idea that I wanted to fill a whole day with surprises for the kids, big and small. Here is the result.

I got everything ready, including myself, then woke the kids at 7:00 and had them get dressed. By 7:15 we were out the door. First we went to the doughnut shop, which I think would have been surprise enough for Walter.  Sylvia had sprinkles on hers, and later she said that the sprinkles were her favorite part of the day. I forgot to take a picture of the doughnuts.

Then we drove to Indianapolis and went to the zoo. When we pulled in, Walter said, "I knew it!" We got there right as they opened and it gave me a thrill to get the closest parking spot. I'm easy to please. Even on big days, it's the little things.

Shark petting--which did have a spookier feeling this time
since I've been watching a lot of "Shark Week" programming.

There's a bear back there.

Playground. It took her forever to work up the courage to
get on this, because if there was another kid within about 3
feet she felt like it wasn't her turn.

The new baby elephant, nursing! I loved seeing this.

We also saw the dolphin show, tigers, cheetahs, lions, rhinos, baboons, you get the idea. After 3 hours, I told the kids it was time to go to the gift shop to pick out a small toy. I NEVER let them get a toy at the gift shop. Well, maybe once or twice I have.  But on Super Duper Day of Fun! they got to pick a toy. Walter picked a box of shark teeth fossils. Sylvia picked a tube of candy with a toy giraffe on the top.

The next surprise was a picnic at White River Gardens. We are a picnic loving family.

The gardens.

We sat in chairs for this picnic, because the ants were crazy.

The kids were bursting to know what the next surprise was. It was the Children's museum, of course!

They repaired some coral.

They gathered and dumped rocks.

Cotton Candy break!

This is how excited she was to be in line for the carousel.

This is how excited she was while on the ride.
"How much longer until it stops, mama?"

This guy loved it though.

He amused himself greatly with this.

Here is he wearing a galabiya in an Egyptian store.

We did a bunch of other stuff at the museum, and after 3 hours I again told them they could go pick out a toy at the gift shop.

Then we were off to the next surprise. I parked in downtown Indy. Here are my kids on the street.
Sylvie was getting a little weary, but she perked up after dinner.

Dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Then we went to the next surprise place, miniature golf. I think riding on the escalators at the mall was as much fun as the golf. Also, may I just say here that it's a little scary when your nearly 8 year old boy wants to go to the public bathroom on the men's side? My gut wouldn't let me allow it, and so he had to come with me to the women's side. But I know the day is coming that I will have to let him pee with the men. Anyway, back to the golf.

She tried it like this for a while, then took to
dancing with her club and jumping off the platforms.
Either way, it was fun!

He liked it so much, he played through twice.
At the last hole, he got a hole-in-one, which
earned him a free game next time we come.

Then we headed home, and they were sure the surprises were done. But we stopped at the store and I let them choose some candy. She chose a pack of gum, and he chose a push pop.

We got home around 8:30, which left just enough time for a quick dip in the pool, and both kids asleep by 9:00.

That was yesterday, and today was a stay at home day, except for tae kwon do class. It all balances out.



Ms. Moon said...

That sounds like the Best Day Ever! And I would have to sleep for a week when it was over.
I have been wondering what was going on at your place. I am glad to see that fun is being had and all is well.

Sarah said...

My goodness, girl! You are one crazy momma! But I bet they remember this day for a long time.

Lora said...

Thanks Ms. Moon, it's nice to know you were thinking of us. I need life to slow down!
Sarah, I hope they remember it, it was a great day.

Erin said...

Super Dee Dooper day of fun!!!!