Monday, September 19, 2011

We Got A Pet!

My husband is allergic to dogs and cats. When we got married, I had a cat that was 9 years old and I wasn't going to get rid of her. So he suffered for 8 years, until she died. Then we had a preschooler and a newborn baby and no time to add a new pet. The kids have been begging for a pet--anything furry--for years.

After holding a friend's guinea pig, we knew we had found the right animal for our house.

Our local animal shelter didn't have any guinea pigs so I checked craigslist. If you want a guinea pig, I recommend craigslist. We got ours for free, and her cage and accessories for pocket change.

She's about a year old, and the kids named her Alice Wonderlee.

I was dubious about her pink eyes for a while. She just seemed a little....spooky.

But after a couple days of this, I was in love:

She does not bite. She will sit on a lap for an hour, just bubbling (purring) and sniffing the air. She is really fun to feed. She likes carrots, celery, hay, grass, and watermelon rind. She chews and chews. If you're holding her when she is eating, she stops chewing if you stop petting her. When we let her on the floor of Bee's room , she darts all around sniffing things and finding places where she will fit.

It feels so good to have a pet again. I love to take her out of her cage after the kids have gone to bed, and sit holding her on the couch.

Plus, she doesn't puke, and after my cat, I can't ask for more in a pet.



Ms. Moon said...

Perfect and look at the love. Lucky Alice.

Erin said...

Ahh finally I get to see Alice!!! She's so cute!!!!

Joany said...

I'm so happy that you got a pet! Hope you don't mind that I'm enjoying pet ownership vicariously through you!