Saturday, October 1, 2011


My son is 8 years old today. I won't even say how it doesn't seem possible and that he is still my baby because I think you all know that.

Right now he's at tae kwon do because the instructor puts on a funny hat and holds the birthday kid upside down while the rest of the class sings.

The cakes are on the table, the snacks are waiting in the fridge. The balloons are hung, the house is clean, the toys the kids always fight over are hidden.

This afternoon people will come to celebrate my boy, and I'm taking a moment to just think about him and be thankful.

Here are some things about him:

-LEGOS! He will do Legos for 8 hours a day. He got a new semi truck set today, and had it put together in an hour. He has a mathematical brain that is good with patterns and he thinks of great things to build. He really loves symmetry in his Lego structures.

-Speaking of symmetry, he told me yesterday that there were an odd number of icons on the computer and it bothered him, so he deleted one. Ha! I don't know which one it was...

-He appreciates the simple things in life, and I appreciate that. His dad finished his bunk bed ladder yesterday, and you'd have thought the kid won the lottery. I am grateful for his sense of thankfulness.

-He is still a snuggly kid, thank God. He is not yet too old to hug and smooch and cuddle and sit on my lap.

-When I get to the end of a chapter in a book we're reading, if there's a cliffhanger, he will scream. He will beg me to continue and writhe around. Thus, I pause our reading and put the bookmark in during the more boring parts.

-Suddenly he doesn't like hot dogs anymore.

There is more, but he's home now so I'm going to go.



Ms. Moon said...

Happy birthday and happy birth day and glory for your boy!

Joany said...

I love the things you shared about him! He's a cool kid for sure!