Friday, October 28, 2011

Need Anything?

I stepped out of the shower this morning, and within 5 minutes I had heard all of the following things:

"I'm still hungry, can I have toast with butter?"

"I want apple slices with peanut butter."

"Can we practice my tae kwon do in the new room?"

"Where's dada?"

"Tie this on me, it's a fancy dress."

"Where's my toast?"

"Are you ready for the tae kwon do yet?"

"He won't stop saying boo!"

"I need a pony tail!"

"Untie my dress."

"I want apple slices with peanut butter too."

"Help me spread out this blankie."

I'm pleased to say that within 15 minutes, I got dressed, extracted please from both kids, and took care of all the things on the above list. If that's any sign of how productive my day will be, I'll take it. If it's any sign of how needy my kids will be today, can I drop them off at your house?


1 comment:

Ms. Moon said...

I am hoping for the former.