Thursday, October 27, 2011


We have had the best weather here the last week! Sunny blue skies, warm but not hot. Today it is rainy, which is nice too because we're sipping hot drinks and watching tv under blankets.

But last weekend we carved our pumpkins. Just look at the sun we had!

"I'll carve this baby one."

I love how he held his pumpkin with his feet.

She drew the face before cutting. Dada did the carving for her,
but he cut it exactly as she drew it.

Bee loved her jack-o-lantern so much that he took a picture.

For some reason, I'm sort of trick-or-treating obsessed this year. I've been searching for every event I can find that will give us candy. It's not that I like the kids to have a ton of candy, but they are just so pleased by it all. They loved the zoo event. They only got 8 pieces of candy each, but there was no disappointment. Earlier this week we went to the local university campus to trick-or-treat, and Sylvie reached into a bowl and pulled out a Gobstopper. She said, "Look what I got!!!!" I said, "Wow, what is it?" She gleefully said, "I don't know!" She was so thoroughly impressed by it. Later, she got a Hershey's kiss, and pulled out the paper from the foil and said, "Read my price." She meant fortune. How cute is that? I read it, and it said kisses kisses kisses, so I gave her some kisses and she was delighted. Best fortune ever. Then there's Walter, who is so careful with his candy. He sorts it and saves it and attaches memories to it. "Remember when I thought Skittles were M&Ms?" "Remember when I ate my Halloween candy at Christmas and saved my stocking candy until Easter?"

If I find out about a trick-or-treat event, we're going. There are 3 more things this weekend. Maybe I'm overdoing it, but I can't pass up that cuteness.



Ms. Moon said...

Halloween is a GREAT holiday. It's all fun.

malke said...

Come to our neighborhood! It's a blast! Whatever you do, it sounds like you'll have fun! :)