Friday, October 7, 2011

Trip To The Farm

Let me tell you about a field trip we took on Wednesday. It was with a homeschool group that we joined but haven't been involved with as much as I want. A local farm has one day a year when they open up to the public and invite volunteers to show cool things to kids. It was a 15 minute drive there, and of course as soon as we got in the van the kids started saying they're thirsty. Do you know kids like that? I think my kids are camels and they think they must fill their humps in the car as if they won't be able to drink when they exit. As soon as they buckle up, they must have water. My car is full of water bottles. Anyway.

Now, I grew up on a farm. My kids visit a farm every time they see their grampy. They love farms but I wasn't expecting too much.


The volunteers made this field trip terrific! There were tables and tables set up with (usually) grandmas and grandpas sitting behind them, eager to tell the kids about bees and eggs and pelts and herbs and cornmeal and composting.

Holding a chick.

I always enjoy watching blacksmiths work. This guy told us
lots of stories from when he first started out. He said he
burned himself 3 times his first day.

Hayride with popcorn.

Eggs--from ostrich to hummingbird

She liked sorting the apples.

Carving some limestone

You know we love picnics, and a picnic on a tree stump is
even better.



Erin said...

I love how you always find the best things to do!!!

Malke said...

We loved the guy who explained and showed how clocks work, and Iz liked making leaf rubbings and harassing the turkeys. And holding a duckling, and talking to the lady who was spinning the wool, and... You're right, it was fabulous despite the crowd!! :)