Tuesday, November 29, 2011


"Mama, I'm going to name this baby Ellabella Marabelle Clair."

one minute later

"Actually I think I'll name her Molly Marabelle."

one minute later

"Well...her name is Monkey Avela Ella. And I'm Molly bunny Alee."

She puts the baby down, and goes to do a puzzle. We read some books. 15 minutes pass.

"Mama, what was my baby's name?"

I tell her I can't remember. I suggest Annabella Molly Clair.

"No! That's not it! You remember! What was my name too?!"

I suggest a few more names to jog her memory.


She flops to the floor and cries and sobs.

Repeat several times daily.


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Our Thanksgiving celebrations ended yesterday, after spending the day at my mom's. That made three dinners, three wonderful celebrations with these people that I love.

I got to play cards! With one kid always perched on my knee.

My husband rocked our niece to sleep.

I am thankful for so much.

Here's a picture of his gorgeous mug.

He's been playing checkers.

Blue eyes and brown eyes.

My girl absolutely charms me. She is funny! And so so sweet. Here she is holding a baby in a sling.

One day she made this:

Dollhouse people all lined up to watch a movie.

When I got up this morning and checked Facebook, I saw that my husband had written:
"My kids are such cool companions. My son is better than a friend. My daughter is so cute she makes me melt over and over." It is heartwarming to share this journey with him, somebody who feels it like I do.


Monday, November 14, 2011

My House Right Now

If you looked into my house right now, here are some things you'd see:

A garden with a zebra

Lego furniture

Little hands learning new computer games

Littler hands playing with Legos in her own way

A shamrock plant that my mom gave me 12 years ago

Thankful turkeys
(He's thankful for Alice, mama, dada, hugs, his life, house, Legos,
his sister, food, and friends. She's thankful for Alice, dada, mama,
her brother, books, and hugs.)

A class lined up to learn about letters

A very messy desk

But clean kitchen counters

This old picture on the fridge

This shelf of treasures
(My mom gave me the painted egg from Haiti. The kids collected
those lilypad things at the pond this summer, the mushroom
used to be my grandma's and I always liked it, and the pumpkin
seeds are there waiting until spring planting.)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Someday, Today

Today I won't mind that...

...My front porch is lined with bikes and chalk and frisbees.

...I swept up a lego and had to dig it out of the vacuum dirt.

...The miniature sized laundry is backed up to an extreme degree.

...The jack-o-lanterns on the stoop will rot and turn to mush before my sensitive child can let go and throw them away.

...There is bickering amongst the wee ones, over things I never imagined debatable. (He stole your imaginary baby? Really? Uh, just imagine that he didn't?)

Because Someday...

...I won't have an extra pair of 3T underwear tucked in the zip pocket of my purse.

...Lego structures won't line my mantle.

...My table centerpiece won't be a painted pumpkin and a toilet paper tube candlestick.

...Tiny, still pudgy hands won't grab my face and I won't feel a whisper I love you mama in my ear.

...I won't hear the stop-and-start reading as my child puts the story together.

...I won't be awakened by a small warm body climbing onto my pillow.

...There won't be miniature socks and pajamas to fold.

...Young eyes won't show me rocks and trees and ants in a new way.

...I won't be asked to put in a ponytail or tie on a cape.

I could go on and on. I'm feeling really grateful and content and trying to soak it all up.