Monday, November 14, 2011

My House Right Now

If you looked into my house right now, here are some things you'd see:

A garden with a zebra

Lego furniture

Little hands learning new computer games

Littler hands playing with Legos in her own way

A shamrock plant that my mom gave me 12 years ago

Thankful turkeys
(He's thankful for Alice, mama, dada, hugs, his life, house, Legos,
his sister, food, and friends. She's thankful for Alice, dada, mama,
her brother, books, and hugs.)

A class lined up to learn about letters

A very messy desk

But clean kitchen counters

This old picture on the fridge

This shelf of treasures
(My mom gave me the painted egg from Haiti. The kids collected
those lilypad things at the pond this summer, the mushroom
used to be my grandma's and I always liked it, and the pumpkin
seeds are there waiting until spring planting.)



Ms. Moon said...

Our houses have much in common. Your kitchen counters though- well. Mine do NOT look like that.
I love the Zebra in the garden. Owen is going through a thing now where he classify animals as to "jungle" and "farm." This charms me.

Lora said...

I love your house too, especially the shelves filled with your treasures.