Tuesday, November 29, 2011


"Mama, I'm going to name this baby Ellabella Marabelle Clair."

one minute later

"Actually I think I'll name her Molly Marabelle."

one minute later

"Well...her name is Monkey Avela Ella. And I'm Molly bunny Alee."

She puts the baby down, and goes to do a puzzle. We read some books. 15 minutes pass.

"Mama, what was my baby's name?"

I tell her I can't remember. I suggest Annabella Molly Clair.

"No! That's not it! You remember! What was my name too?!"

I suggest a few more names to jog her memory.


She flops to the floor and cries and sobs.

Repeat several times daily.



Corinne said...

She is too cute! :) Paige hasn't started naming her dolls yet... I can't wait!

Crazy Sister said...

Well, names are important!

Malke said...

I sooooo relate, lol! :-)