Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bustling December

Good morning!  Lots has been happening in our house.  Christmas stuff, crafts, shopping, baking, you know.  Our guinea pig, Alice, died, and that has been really sad and hard.  We went to see Santa, and my son asked for a brown and white, female guinea pig.  When he first sat down on Santa's lap, he pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket.  Santa said, "Oh it's getting serious now," thinking that he was getting out his list. Then my kid said, "Santa, may I have your autograph?"  Santa was pretty pleased.  That was when he asked for a guinea pig.  I think Santa may be able to make that happen.

Another thing my son did for Alice, was to buy 2 roses for her  grave.  Afterward, he said, "Well, now I won't be able to buy anyone anything for Christmas."  He had spent all of his money on the roses.  Sweet kid.  My 4 year old is less focused on the loss of Alice.  I think she doesn't fully grasp it.  She did once point her fairy wand at her head and say, "Abra cadabra, me mo fo fabra, make me forget that Alice died!"  Then she said, "There!  Now I'm not sad!"    Heartbreaking, and also a little bit funny.

The weather has been too warm here, and there hasn't been any snow.  That makes it a little hard for me to get into the mood of the season.  The time is rocketing past me, and I'm trying to fit small festive things in each day.  Today we are making sugar cookies and will watch A Christmas Story.


Sunday, December 2, 2012


My husband played Jenga with our girl, and took pictures during the game. 

This was a couple weeks ago.  I love these pictures, but more than that, I love that my husband saw her light shining and wanted to record it.  He and I are the only two people who live with our kids.  We're the only ones who know them so intimately.  By no means do we know everything about them, but there are so many shared moments that we carry in our hearts. Tonight I'm feeling really lucky to experience this with a guy who marvels at it in the same way I do.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Forgot Halloween Post!

Well, it's past Thanksgiving, and I realized I forgot a Halloween post.

We carved pumpkins.

She really lets her goofy self out at home with her family.  Sometimes I feel like other people don't get to see the real her.  But then, I'm the exact same way.  She's a really funny girl, here she is pretending to eat pumpkin guts.

Oh this boy.  He tried to reach in and clean out the pulp and seeds.  He really tried.  Two handfuls in and he ran gagging for the bathroom.  I cleaned it out for him.  Perhaps next year.

My daughter's pumpkin had two tiny faces on it.  I died from the cuteness.

He has read four books of the Harry Potter series.  I think he makes a very convincing Dumbledore.

Do you agree?

 She changed her mind many times, eventually settling on a Strawberry Shortcake dress with matching strawberry bag. I bought the dress.  It was $25, but I figured I'd only have this 4 year old girl once.  Then later she decided she wanted to be Belle, a dress we already own.  But she carried the strawberry bag.  Turns out she just wanted the bag.  I love her.

Meet Mona.  She used to be a switchboard operator, and she has great stories to tell!  She's our neighbor and the first house we go to every year.  This year, she only gave treats to two kids--mine. She gave them each a 5 dollar bill then went in and had a relaxing evening.

After going to Mona's house, he decided that the beard was way too itchy.  I quickly grabbed some plastic glasses, drew a red scar on his forehead, and he became Harry Potter.  

 That was our Halloween.  Now Thanksgiving is over.  It's everyone's favorite holiday in my family.  Food, gatherings, sleeping over at Grampy's, sitting in the driveway at my mom's, cards, food, and more cards.  I love it.  Coming home tonight, we found our son has a fever and our daughter was exhausted.  They were both asleep by 6:30.   It's not 9:00 yet, but I feel like it must be midnight, such is the amount of quiet peace I've had since they nodded off.  It was great being in the middle of all that loving activity, but it's so great to be back in my home.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grandma's Rocker

I voted this morning.  Then to distract myself from the waiting anxiety over the results, I decided to deep clean my bedroom.  I did things like wash the closet doors, and change the pictures in the frames.  Another thing I did was dust, which included wiping down the solid wood rocking chair that used to be my grandma's. 

When I was a teenager, I would come to help her clean before big events such as Christmas or family reunions.  She always kept her house immaculate, and to be honest I always felt like I was cleaning already pristine things.  One of my jobs was polishing the furniture.  She'd give me a can of furniture polish and a blue rag, and I sprayed and wiped every surface of every piece of wood in her house. 

Her rocking chair sat in the main living area of the house--the room with the couches, the long dining table, and the side table with newspapers and the radio.  That thing was polished within an inch of its life.  It has polish build-up that goes back decades.  You can tell how old it is because of the wrinkles on its arms.  Seriously, furniture polish build-up wrinkles. 

That build-up is why I chose that rocking chair to become my own when she passed away.  I think of her and those cleaning days every time I see it. 

She might be irritated to know that today I wiped it down with a damp cloth.  Well, I don't even own furniture polish, and I don't keep my house immaculate, so maybe she'd just be happy I removed that ancient layer of dust.

Here's a picture with the chair in the background. 

I love these boys.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To Myself

I have the whole house to myself.  My son is at a friend's house, my daughter is at preschool, and my husband is at work.

Usually when the kids are gone, my husband and I have time together.  This morning it's just me.

This is a rarity, and something that I crave...until I actually get it. 

I always imagine that the quiet of the house will feel so soothing.  In truth it makes me a little anxious.  I keep checking the clock to make sure I'm not late to pick up anybody.  I keep jumping when I hear sounds, like it's an echo of a request made of me and I have to get to work. 

I know I've forgotten how to fully relax.  I mean, kids are just so relentless.  In the best possible ways, but still, it's easy for a mama to get used to being so busy and so needed. 

One thing I know for sure is that I will not be doing any dishes or emptying the trash cans.  I'll be reading my book, watching tv, or filing my nails.

Possibly even just sitting on the couch and staring into space, allowing a thought to begin and finish all in one go.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Princess Pig

The kids felt that Alice needed a Halloween costume too.  After some thought, they came up with quite a perfect idea.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday Roundup

It feels like we spent ages celebrating our boy turning 9, and that's a good thing.  I like a birthday that lingers.

First he had 4 boys over to stay the night.  This was my first time hosting a sleepover for more than one child.  It was so fun, smelly, hilarious, messy, and awesome.  Growing boys eat a ton, and I spent most of my time preparing food and cleaning up after it.

Lego cupcakes

There was no shortage of balloons.

Funny faces


Next came the day of his actual birthday.  At tae kwon do, this happened:

At home we had peach crisp for dessert. 

Then this past weekend we celebrated with a family dinner.  He wanted Harry Potter cakes.  I tried my best.

Hagrid's Hut cake, next to his Lego Hagrid's Hut.

Monster Book of Monsters


I also made butterbeer, and some Hedwig balloons.  He played outside with cousins and aside from his sister feeling sick, it was a wonderful day.  He had one friend stay the night after all the family left. 

Since turning 9, he's been getting up early and taking a shower first thing.  He gets dressed all the way down to his shoes.  I'm not sure, but I think 9 is going to be a pretty cool year.


Monday, October 1, 2012

He's Nine

At 7:40 this evening, my son will turn nine years old. 

He went from this:

To this:

Things he likes:  Legos, Harry Potter, turkey sandwiches, parties, getting up early-before the rest of the family-and enjoying the quiet house, stay at home days, the fireplace, swimming, orange juice, tae kwon do, The Andy Griffith Show, sword fights and adventure games with his guy friends--family and pioneer games with his gal friends, cursive writing.

Things he doesn't like:  Being interrupted, being rushed, when one of us is gone at dinner time, using an eraser, when his dad and I dance in public.

He is an amazing person, and I love him so, so much.  Every day I'm thankful that he came into our family.  I hope he knows how much of a blessing he is.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friends on a Slide

I love these pictures, love these kids, and love that the weather is turning to fall.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Playgroup fun!

A line of 4 year old girls.

Playgroup on this day included mud.  Every day should include a little dirt!

Every day pretty much does include mud for this guy.

They got the mud the right consistency, and then shaped it into letters and let them dry.  Wish I had a picture of that, but alas.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Where We've Been

Brace yourselves for a very picture heavy vacation post!  We were gone for two weeks, and there were a lot of pictures to choose from.

Sixteen hour drive.  They were total rock stars, and there was basically no complaining.

We must have ridden the people mover 20 times.

Lion King show. 

Hogwarts Express!!


We were absolutely in our glory.  

I had to have this turkey leg.  Oddly, it tasted more like ham than turkey.

Sweet sleepers.


She's been digging Beauty and the Beast lately, as you can tell by her dress.  She felt amazing to meet them!

My boys, taken by my girl.

There was a Scottish band playing at Epcot, and the kids danced in the street.

He moves a lot when he sleeps, hence the bed rail.  He fell out of bed 4 times in 2 nights, so we had the hotel send one up.  She sleeps like a stone, even when he somehow gets under her legs.


So he's sitting on the L.  After he got off, I saw the sign that said "No Climbing."  Oops.

Dumbo ride.  Her favorite.

She offered me a foot massage on the people mover.  I would never say no to that!

There was lots of swimming and jumping.

Lollipops and It's a Small World.

Animal Kingdom

Hugging the Beast

He was awesome fighting Darth Vader!

So was she!   She was the tiniest one on the stage.

The mice.

So there's our trip in a few snapshots.

I'm settling back in to regular life, and it feels good.  This is the first time I've been on a vacation that felt long enough, and it certainly filled my well.  I loved that we had 2 weeks of complete family time with no interruptions and just lots of fun.  Not everything was perfect of course.  There was the load of laundry that came out smellier than it went in, the blister on one kid's foot, some rainy days, I got peed on, etc.  Minor stuff that only adds to the fun stories, really.

Hopefully I'll be able to be back here more, now.