Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tiny Tea

I was in the kitchen making a snack, and when I came back into the living room, she invited me to join her tea party.

This is a new type of play for her, and I find it impossibly endearing. The satisfaction she gets from laying out all the dishes, and setting up the people...it just melts me.

She poured the babies some tea.

Then she said, "Actually, mama, there isn't a cup for you. Or for me.

She swiped one of the plates from a baby, and put a cookie on it for me. After about 3 minutes, she packed it all up, put the babies back in their house and the box of dishes back upstairs on her dresser.

She likes to keep things neat.

She also put her coat on upside down this morning. It was so hard not to laugh, with the big flap of the bottom of the coat sticking up behind her head like a dracula collar. She stared at her sleeves, not understanding why they looked different. I wanted to leave it like it was, but she asked for help so I got her switched up. She chuckled, "My coat was upslide-down!"


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Ms. Moon said...

She's like the quintessential little girl.