Friday, March 2, 2012

I Washed The House

The north side of our house looked like this:

Only the bottom 7 feet or so. I'm not sure why the top doesn't
collect mildew like this. You can see my test patch on the right.
I wanted to be sure it was actually going to scrub off.

My husband planned to borrow a pressure washer and clean it, but he's a busy guy and I figured I could reach it, so why not? I wanted to surprise him. The weather has been good so I put on some rubber boots and got the hose and a scrub brush. I thought it would be pretty easy. Ha! Ha ha! It really wasn't that many square feet, perhaps twice as big as my kitchen floor. I figured if I can clean that floor I should be able to clean the siding. Ha!

After I did this section, I was encouraged. It looked so much better!
Also, my arms were already aching.

My son picked up the camera and took some pictures of me.
By this point I was sweaty but also freezing from the cold water.
Crampy fingers. Aching shoulders.

I started making deals with myself. "I will scrub one piece of
siding to the end, then I can quit." But I am not a person who
can quit a job in the middle. I would have worn my fingers down
to stumps before I quit. So I thought, "I'll make stripes! That
will be fun enough to keep me going in spite of the pain."


I did keep going, and 3 hours later this was the finished project.
It's not perfect, but I wasn't aiming for perfection. I was aiming
for completion. My arms and shoulders were sore for a week,
but every time I drive home and see that clean wall,
I think it was completely worth it.



Ms. Moon said...

Oh girl! Don't do things like this! You'll only be expected to do more! Just kidding. Not really. Well, sort of.
You are more like me than you know.

Swistle said...

Wow, that is a HUGE improvement!

Cody Charlebois said...

Great job, Lora! I know for a fact that it is not the easiest of things to do, and you did it with just a hose and a scrub brush. However, I think you should’ve gotten into the kitchen first before getting yourself into all that work. You could have used some stuff in there like vinegar or baking soda. The latter is for tough spots though.

Willene Fagen said...

I must agree with Cody, Lora. Some stuff like baking soda and vinegar can be used in removing mildews and tough stains. Sodium bicarbonate is known for its whitening ability, while acetic acid is a good alternative for disinfectants. Anyhow, your siding looked good as new! I love it!

Willene Fagen

C. J. Pierce said...

Good job, Lora! The end result is worth all aches and sweat it gave you. Though you could have saved yourself some muscleache if you helped yourself with some powerful cleaning agents like baking soda and company.