Sunday, March 18, 2012

It Was Funnier At 1 a.m.

I really enjoy late-at-night, refusing to sleep, talking in the bed.

Husband: The shingles aren't doing so well.

Me: Do we need a new roof?

Him: Probably.

Me: Your dad would love to come help you with that.

Him: I don't want anybody to get killed.

Me: I don't want you to get killed.

Him: I never get killed.

It's still pretty funny this morning, though.



Ms. Moon said... far so good. Right?
We had a similar conversation yesterday. Mr. Moon had been on our roof and was also talking about the possibility of death.
"I'd hate to die before Lily had her baby," he said. "That would be so sad. To have a baby and a just-dead grandfather."
Oh my.

Lora said...

Ha! and Eeek. Yeah, they can be a little too off-handed about their possible death!