Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Is The Stuff

Monday morning we woke up to an inch of snow on the ground. Only my girl wanted to play in it, so I stood at the back door and watched her shovel snow into a sandcastle bucket. All the snow was gone by lunchtime.

Tuesday morning we woke up to sunshine and warmth. By afternoon it was nearly 70 degrees and so we went to playgroup at the park. I made a little nest by the other mamas, spread out my snacks and water and bag. I was able to sit and chat for a couple minutes at a time, until someone needed help climbing or someone wanted to show me something. We walked over to two huge fir trees. They had what appeared to be an official entrance, and we ducked our heads and went inside, for it really was like a little house. Kids were in there, climbing on the low branches, covered in sap. My son squatted on a branch, and said he was an eagle. Then my daughter had to be an eagle too. The feeling being under there was like being on another planet. The scent of pine, soft needles under my feet, sunshine streaming in from openings in the branches.

One of the mamas has a newborn baby girl. She's about 6 weeks old. I got to hold her! She slept on me and I kept adjusting her blanket to keep the sun out of her face, because she squinted even in her sleep. While I was holding her, my girl asked me to help her climb something. I told her, "Not right now, I'm holding a baby." Oh, she gave me a look! She was not happy about that.


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Yes on all of this.