Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bike Video Found!

I found the videos and pictures I lost, containing my son riding his bike.  Listen to the birds in this video!  I can assure you that my life is not always so serene, but many times it is and I believe that makes me very lucky.

 This is how he feels about riding a bike.

Anyway.  I've had a nice few days.  On Friday my mom and I took the kids to the Children's Museum, then we went to pick up my niece from her new school.  It's a school that teaches hearing impaired children to speak.  Her teacher seemed kind, and it was sweet to see her holding hands with the other children, who all have cochlear implants like hers.  Saturday, I hung around the house with my husband and kids for a while, then I got to visit my cousin for a bit, then Bee had a friend sleep over.  Sleepovers are fun, and the kids get ice cream which means I get some too.  Today my dad came for a visit.  We took him out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  He rarely lets us buy, but today he did. 

One last thing.  My daughter calls an ambulance an alience.   It sounds like she's saying aliens.  "Mama, the aliens is coming!"


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Ms. Moon said...

What a great, good rider!