Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My baby is four. My heart wonders where the years went, but my head knows they went to reading storybooks and playing at the park and walks around the neighborhood. Somehow those things take up all the time and it's 4 years later.

Let's see. At four, she loves to draw. She wants to learn to read. She plays with her Strawberry Shortcake dolls and her Legos and her brother. She likes to eat pasta, broccoli, and candy. She will never admit that she has to pee. She will not share anything that resembles a baby, saying, "It's special to me." She never says no to a walk or to snuggling in the bed.

She wanted a party for her birthday. She said it should be a picnic at the park. So I invited her family and her preschool friends, spread out some blankets, and made lots of cake.

Candyland is her favorite game.

Queen Frostine

Like last year, she had to hold my hand in order to blow out the candles.

I love this 4 year old!



Ms. Moon said...

She is four already? How did this happen, Lora?
She is ethereally beautiful. She is a part of my heart and I do not even really "know" you. She and her brother.
And you.
I love the way you are a mommy.
Happy birthday to both of you.

Lora said...

Oh Ms. Moon, I feel the same way about your family. The blog world means so much to me. Thank you!