Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A couple months ago, my son and I began reading the Harry Potter series.  I figure we will do the first 3 books, then stop for a while.  After we read the first 2 books, he started listening to them over and over again, via books on cd.  It has given his imagination something very fun to explore.  He made his own broomstick, out of a plastic rod and some dried gladiola leaves.  Then he learned that they make Lego Harry Potter things.  Playing Legos is his activity of choice, so to combine the two about blew his mind.

He began to save money for a Hagrid's Hut Lego set.  The price was $40.  He gets a very small allowance.  50 cents a week to spend, 25 cents to save, and 25 cents to give.  So he saved what he could from that.  He knew he'd have to work to earn some more money.  He asked my dad if he had any jobs for him.  One evening he swept out my dad's workshop.  Another day a few weeks later, he washed my dad's 4-wheeler and helped him change the oil in a lawnmower.

His cousin helped out a bit with the washing!

I paid him a dollar to sweep out the van.  He scrubbed the bathtub for 75 cents. 

He knew he still didn't have enough money.  He decided it was time for a lemonade stand.  He used $6.01 of his money to buy lemons, sugar, and cups.  He paid his sister a quarter to wash the lemons and sit with him.  He did most of the work himself.  I let him use a sharp knife which almost gave me a heart attack.  His lemonade was tasty.  He carried out the table and set it up.  He had the idea to offer free water to the dogs who walked by.

He was thrilled when he broke even after a little over an hour.  He spent 3 hours out there, and he earned all he needed, plus an extra dollar.  Woooo!

The Lego Hagrid's Hut should arrive today, from a delivery truck.  He is so excited and proud.  Not as much as I am, though.


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Ms. Moon said...

You can tell him that I'm proud of him too. Because I am.