Thursday, June 28, 2012


Here she goes again, being every part of herself.

This was a special day.  Her brother was at a summer camp, so she and I went to the fountains to read books, eat cookies, and splash in the puddles.  I loved the feeling of sitting on our red picnic blanket, with her in my lap pushing my ankles into the ground in a way that kind of hurts but not enough to make me move her away. We read Will Goes to the Beach.  She reached up to touch my curls, I sniffed her warm hair. 


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Malissa said...

Hey Mama!!!
I have missed you and your blog!
I am knee deep in our own day-to-day here! So fun!!! I am so happy that you are continuing your writing and posting. Makes me smile and feel reassured in our own adventure! Here is to a great summer...rocky start...but so much fun to be had!