Monday, July 23, 2012

Swim With Frogs

If you ever have the chance, swim with frogs.

I must admit, I have a small fear of frogs.  It's not that I think they'll hurt me, they're just so unpredictable, so...sudden.  Plus, one might pee on me.

But I felt emboldened seeing my child, not at all concerned about the frogs and happily swimming with them.

Eventually I let him place one on my palm, and I held it for a few moments before lowering it into the water so that it would swim away.

It's pretty neat, the way the child can give courage to the mother.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sleep Love

Most nights Goose sleeps in her bed, which is the bottom bunk in the kids' room.  Every now and then, she'll ask to sleep with us.  I almost always oblige, because I love it.  The night before last, she slept by me.

Last night my husband showed me a picture he took when he got up that morning.

I saw it, and I could barely breathe.  She and I were both sound asleep.  I had no idea I was holding her like that.  For some reason, this picture spoke to my heart and showed me something about myself that I wanted to see.  For all the I'm-not-good-enough thoughts that enter my head, this picture showed me that even when I'm unconscious I am parenting with love. 

I needed that.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Plane Adoration

My kid spends hours every day with his Lego collection.  He makes things that blow my mind.  Recently he made a biplane, and when Grampy came down to visit and saw the plane, he was so impressed he wanted his picture taken with it.


Monday, July 9, 2012


Everything they do is with complete fierceness.  They argue fiercely.  They love fiercely.  They do nothing halfway. It's a product of absolutely living in the moment, the way children do.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life Last Week

It has been over 100 degrees every day this week.  We've been in our pool or inside.  Except on the 4th, of course.  We can't miss our city's parade.  We live in a fairly small city, and several of our friends were in the parade.  Plus, it's just awesome.  Hula hoopers, bagpipers, rock bands, roller derby girls, drummers, and all the usual school bands, fire trucks, and cheerleaders.  Here's one of the few pictures we have of the kids watching the parade. 

 They stood at the edge of the  crowd to score some candy,
while their dad and I stood next to the buildings in a foot of shade.

It was so hot, we came right home and went swimming.  I couldn't bear to cook out on the grill, so we just warmed up some pizza.  When we went to the fireworks later that night, it was only marginally cooler.  My daughter insisted on wearing her fleece one-piece pajamas. (What do I care?  She could always take them off if she got hot.)  She rolled down the hill in them and didn't get grass in her clothes though, so maybe that was her plan.  The kids said so many sweet things during the fireworks, I wish I had been recording them.  She thought the crackly ones sounded like boiling water.  He thought they were like rain on our pool cover.  After a really big one, she would say, "Wow, that one almost got me!"  At one point, they stood up and looked backwards through their legs at the fireworks.  They are always making us laugh.

Here is a picture of him holding Alice and feeding her spinach.  He is also wearing fleece pajamas, though inside in the air conditioning. 

One day I took them to Steak-N-Shake for lunch.  I picked up a menu, and a big spider ran out from it, and stopped in the middle of our table.  The kids shrieked and I blew him off the table and he flew across the floor.  They howled and laughed.  Here are their impersonations of what the spider was feeling as he was blown away:

Tonight we got a big rain.  We've been almost two months without any substantial rain, so I hope this one will keep the grass from dying.  I'll find out tomorrow if my dad's crops got any.  He's an hour north of us, so they could have missed it entirely.  His crop this year is really suffering from the drought.  When I was a kid, the word drought was a scary and mysterious evil.  Adults talked about it, but didn't want to worry us, so we didn't really understand.  I still sort of feel that way, though now I understand the impact it is still a scary thing.  Dad visits tomorrow, and I know we will go somewhere for lunch.  We take turns choosing the restaurant.  I think tomorrow is my girl's turn to pick.  So we'll probably eat some chinese food and talk about the drought.