Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sleep Love

Most nights Goose sleeps in her bed, which is the bottom bunk in the kids' room.  Every now and then, she'll ask to sleep with us.  I almost always oblige, because I love it.  The night before last, she slept by me.

Last night my husband showed me a picture he took when he got up that morning.

I saw it, and I could barely breathe.  She and I were both sound asleep.  I had no idea I was holding her like that.  For some reason, this picture spoke to my heart and showed me something about myself that I wanted to see.  For all the I'm-not-good-enough thoughts that enter my head, this picture showed me that even when I'm unconscious I am parenting with love. 

I needed that.



Ms. Moon said...

Beauty incapsulated. And love.
And if you ever, ever doubt your mothering, you just ask me to tell you what a fine and loving mother you are.

Lora said...

Bless you, Mary Moon. You sure know how to uplift a girl.

Karen said...

Tears of love are streaming down my face.

Joany said...

I really love this. I really love you, too.