Thursday, August 9, 2012


We went to the fair two weeks back. The fair queen was riding around in a golf cart, and she gave my daughter this crown and scepter.  Oh she felt so regal!

For my son, a trip to the county fair means he must wear his John Deere hat and his plaid shirt. 



Ms. Moon said...

You are such a good mother. It is so hard to remain patient and calm when our children go through things that seem unexplainable, that rob us of our sleep, our peace of mind.
And yet, that is exactly what they need. For us to be peaceful and calm and patient.

Look at your beautiful children! And know that you are doing good.

Lora said...

Yes, that is so it. You completely understand. Thank you for your kind words, those really help! It's after noon and I'm still in my pajamas. That helps too!

janzi said...

When my number 5 child was young, he too had these terrifying nightmares where his little heart would pound and he would stare wildly around the room, then after a small warm drink and lots of kisses he would be able to go back to sleep... don't know what causes these night terrors, I THINK they might be getting over stimulated during daytimes in their play maybe.. however my son did grow out of them and by his teens he was able to manage his sleeping himself... it is worrying, but it does happen to a lot of kids.. when my first child was old enough to go to playgroup around his 3rdyear ,I had to stop him going because again he was over stimulated and had horrific nightmares, so he did not get to play at playgroup after a couple of weeks, and then his sleep patterns resumed normally.. I think that given hindsight, my boys were too imaginative, and thats what caused the vivid dreams... I loved the picture of you holding your lovely daughter at sleep, and your boy is just great to look at too.. I am sure you are doing a fabulous job at being a mum, just that you think everyone else has got it sussed..... well, guess what, they have not!! and we all fly by the seat of our pants, no matter how many books of instruction we read!! in my day it was dr Spock... ha ha have to laugh now, but I mainly went on old fashioned sensible thinking and it seemed to have worked!! Hugs from across the pond!! j