Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friends on a Slide

I love these pictures, love these kids, and love that the weather is turning to fall.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Playgroup fun!

A line of 4 year old girls.

Playgroup on this day included mud.  Every day should include a little dirt!

Every day pretty much does include mud for this guy.

They got the mud the right consistency, and then shaped it into letters and let them dry.  Wish I had a picture of that, but alas.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Where We've Been

Brace yourselves for a very picture heavy vacation post!  We were gone for two weeks, and there were a lot of pictures to choose from.

Sixteen hour drive.  They were total rock stars, and there was basically no complaining.

We must have ridden the people mover 20 times.

Lion King show. 

Hogwarts Express!!


We were absolutely in our glory.  

I had to have this turkey leg.  Oddly, it tasted more like ham than turkey.

Sweet sleepers.


She's been digging Beauty and the Beast lately, as you can tell by her dress.  She felt amazing to meet them!

My boys, taken by my girl.

There was a Scottish band playing at Epcot, and the kids danced in the street.

He moves a lot when he sleeps, hence the bed rail.  He fell out of bed 4 times in 2 nights, so we had the hotel send one up.  She sleeps like a stone, even when he somehow gets under her legs.


So he's sitting on the L.  After he got off, I saw the sign that said "No Climbing."  Oops.

Dumbo ride.  Her favorite.

She offered me a foot massage on the people mover.  I would never say no to that!

There was lots of swimming and jumping.

Lollipops and It's a Small World.

Animal Kingdom

Hugging the Beast

He was awesome fighting Darth Vader!

So was she!   She was the tiniest one on the stage.

The mice.

So there's our trip in a few snapshots.

I'm settling back in to regular life, and it feels good.  This is the first time I've been on a vacation that felt long enough, and it certainly filled my well.  I loved that we had 2 weeks of complete family time with no interruptions and just lots of fun.  Not everything was perfect of course.  There was the load of laundry that came out smellier than it went in, the blister on one kid's foot, some rainy days, I got peed on, etc.  Minor stuff that only adds to the fun stories, really.

Hopefully I'll be able to be back here more, now.