Monday, October 1, 2012

He's Nine

At 7:40 this evening, my son will turn nine years old. 

He went from this:

To this:

Things he likes:  Legos, Harry Potter, turkey sandwiches, parties, getting up early-before the rest of the family-and enjoying the quiet house, stay at home days, the fireplace, swimming, orange juice, tae kwon do, The Andy Griffith Show, sword fights and adventure games with his guy friends--family and pioneer games with his gal friends, cursive writing.

Things he doesn't like:  Being interrupted, being rushed, when one of us is gone at dinner time, using an eraser, when his dad and I dance in public.

He is an amazing person, and I love him so, so much.  Every day I'm thankful that he came into our family.  I hope he knows how much of a blessing he is.


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Ms. Moon said...

He is going to be a blessing to you forever and ever. And you to him.