Sunday, November 25, 2012

Forgot Halloween Post!

Well, it's past Thanksgiving, and I realized I forgot a Halloween post.

We carved pumpkins.

She really lets her goofy self out at home with her family.  Sometimes I feel like other people don't get to see the real her.  But then, I'm the exact same way.  She's a really funny girl, here she is pretending to eat pumpkin guts.

Oh this boy.  He tried to reach in and clean out the pulp and seeds.  He really tried.  Two handfuls in and he ran gagging for the bathroom.  I cleaned it out for him.  Perhaps next year.

My daughter's pumpkin had two tiny faces on it.  I died from the cuteness.

He has read four books of the Harry Potter series.  I think he makes a very convincing Dumbledore.

Do you agree?

 She changed her mind many times, eventually settling on a Strawberry Shortcake dress with matching strawberry bag. I bought the dress.  It was $25, but I figured I'd only have this 4 year old girl once.  Then later she decided she wanted to be Belle, a dress we already own.  But she carried the strawberry bag.  Turns out she just wanted the bag.  I love her.

Meet Mona.  She used to be a switchboard operator, and she has great stories to tell!  She's our neighbor and the first house we go to every year.  This year, she only gave treats to two kids--mine. She gave them each a 5 dollar bill then went in and had a relaxing evening.

After going to Mona's house, he decided that the beard was way too itchy.  I quickly grabbed some plastic glasses, drew a red scar on his forehead, and he became Harry Potter.  

 That was our Halloween.  Now Thanksgiving is over.  It's everyone's favorite holiday in my family.  Food, gatherings, sleeping over at Grampy's, sitting in the driveway at my mom's, cards, food, and more cards.  I love it.  Coming home tonight, we found our son has a fever and our daughter was exhausted.  They were both asleep by 6:30.   It's not 9:00 yet, but I feel like it must be midnight, such is the amount of quiet peace I've had since they nodded off.  It was great being in the middle of all that loving activity, but it's so great to be back in my home.

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Ms. Moon said...

You are doing it right, girl. Yes you are.