Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bustling December

Good morning!  Lots has been happening in our house.  Christmas stuff, crafts, shopping, baking, you know.  Our guinea pig, Alice, died, and that has been really sad and hard.  We went to see Santa, and my son asked for a brown and white, female guinea pig.  When he first sat down on Santa's lap, he pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket.  Santa said, "Oh it's getting serious now," thinking that he was getting out his list. Then my kid said, "Santa, may I have your autograph?"  Santa was pretty pleased.  That was when he asked for a guinea pig.  I think Santa may be able to make that happen.

Another thing my son did for Alice, was to buy 2 roses for her  grave.  Afterward, he said, "Well, now I won't be able to buy anyone anything for Christmas."  He had spent all of his money on the roses.  Sweet kid.  My 4 year old is less focused on the loss of Alice.  I think she doesn't fully grasp it.  She did once point her fairy wand at her head and say, "Abra cadabra, me mo fo fabra, make me forget that Alice died!"  Then she said, "There!  Now I'm not sad!"    Heartbreaking, and also a little bit funny.

The weather has been too warm here, and there hasn't been any snow.  That makes it a little hard for me to get into the mood of the season.  The time is rocketing past me, and I'm trying to fit small festive things in each day.  Today we are making sugar cookies and will watch A Christmas Story.


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Ms. Moon said...

If pets teach children one thing, it is that death happens.
Bless sweet Alice for teaching and for being, while alive, such a sweet guinea pig.