Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Recently I've discovered two things!  Things that have brought me much joy, so I'm going to share them here.

1.  The Weepies.  Do you know about The Weepies?  They are an awesome singer/songwriter, husband/wife, folksy musical duo.  Songs you should definitely check out:  Gotta Have You and I Was Made For Sunny Days. 

2.  Diana Gabaldon.  She is an author.  You must read her Outlander series.  You must!  The first book, Outlander, grabbed me and sucked me in so hard.  It is over 800 pages long, and I read it in 5 days.  I'm partway through the third book, and it is so good I feel like I can recommend the whole soon-to-be 8 book series even though I haven't read them all yet. 

Today the kids and I are going ice skating with my cousin.  I'm not really sure how I'm going to manage holding hands with two kids and also keep myself from falling, but we'll give it a try.