Friday, February 22, 2013

The Friday Zone

My son received an invitation (through our homeschool group) to be on one of the our local PBS station's children's shows, called The Friday Zone.  He dithered for a while, then decided he wanted to do it.  He said, "Sure, I'll be on tv."

The taping was this past Wednesday.  That morning, he changed his mind.  He said he felt sick to his stomach and he was sure he didn't want to do it.  Then he realized that if he didn't do it, this spring he'd be watching his friends on tv without him.  So he pulled himself off the couch, put his shoes on, and went to be on tv.

He taped segments for two episodes.  The studio was really neat, and I snapped a few pictures.  They are really terrible pictures, because the lighting everywhere except the set was really low, and I felt like I was in the way so I didn't want to get close.  Once while they weren't taping, I stepped in front of the cameras to get a shot, and another camera came rolling up behind me and I had to scoot out of the way quickly and almost tripped on a cord and I hated that 2 seconds of my life.


Here are some pictures!  We were there for 3 hours.  I felt like I took 327 pictures, but when I came home it was only 23 and most of them were blurry.

We arrived at Studio 6.

My kiddos on set.

They actually put stage make-up on him!

Here's a shot with the cameras and lights on the ceiling.  And my silly girl too.

This is during taping.  He's on the end of the couch.

I felt pretty proud when he spoke up and asked if he could touch that giant toad.

This was before they started the second segment.  I didn't have a good view during it.

 I think it was great and we all learned a lot.  I was proud of him for not letting his nerves keep him from having this experience.  I was also proud of my girl for sitting with me quietly for 3 hours!  When we arrived, they offered to let her be on the show too, but she said she wanted to stay sitting by her mama.   I am excited to watch the episodes later in the spring!