Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New School Year

On Monday, we started a new school year.  We took pictures by the boxwood out front, as usual.

My kindergartener!

Fourth grader!

After our first day, both kids were completely exhausted!  I'm talking droopy eyelids and sluggish movements, and they fell asleep before 7:30.  Last night they both slept 12 hours.      

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yep, he has long hair

So, my son has long hair.

It's true.

When he was little, I kept his hair pretty short.  It was easy to wash and comb, and for a kid who hated to have his head touched or to get any water on his face, that was important.

He's 5 in this picture.

When he was 6, he asked to grow his hair out, so that he could stay warm the following winter.  We said, "Sure."

It grew.

It got about this long:

7.5 years old.

Then he wanted it cut.

Age 8, with dear Alice.

Then we started reading Harry Potter, and he wanted to grow in out like Dumbledore and Sirius Black.  So he grew it again.  More than half of his friends have long hair, so he probably didn't deliberate long over his decision.

So now it's long.

Sometimes he combs it:

Sometimes he doesn't:

Sometimes he is mistaken for a girl.  He does not mind at all.  He says, "Well, I know I'm a boy, so why does it matter what they think?"   I love that attitude. 

He recently got an inch trimmed off, then went back yesterday and had another inch cut off.  He was having trouble with tangles, so he wanted it to be easier to manage.  (If he's going to have long hair, it's his job to care for it.)

What I love is that he was so inspired and moved by the characters in his books, that he wanted to emulate them in appearance.   

Hair fashions change all the time, I love that he's just doing what he feels like doing.